It's Savings Time!

“It’s never been a better time to save.”

Yeah, yeah – that’s what Mum and Dad always used to say. But at the moment, it kinda happens to be true. With rates on the up and all the banks jostling for the best high interest deals, your extra cash can really put on some weight over Christmas (just like we all do!).

Pick of the Bunch – UBank’s USaver

  • Variable interest rate of 5.46%
  • Extra 0.1% bonus if you set up a savings plan
  • No account or setup fees
  • Create multiple savings ?buckets?

And according to Mozo reviews, the top rated high interest account provider is RaboPlus with an overall score of 8.7 ? that?s a lot of love for a financial institution! Find out what all the fuss is about with the RaboPlus Premium Saver.

So put your money away quicksmart and enjoy these tasty interest rates, fee-free accounts and instant online access. Compare the best High Interest Accounts/> now.