Kids, Cash and Debt - your questions answered

With over 250 questions already on Mozo Answers, we have noticed a few patterns emerging – a few tricky questions which come up again and again. So we decided to settle them once and for all.

Debt Consolidation

It seems a lot of you want to know the best way to tackle debt. In particular, the age-old debate of personal loans vs balance transfer credit cards. We’ve crunched the numbers, and take a look at the three options to make that debt more manageable. Read more…

Cash Investments

If there’s one thing you Mozonians seem to have a lot of, it’s cash. The question of whether it is better to put money into a savings account or term deposit has done the rounds on Answers. For the definitive solution, read this.

Kids Accounts

A lot of forward thinking parents have been scouting out the bright minds on Mozo Answers in search of the best possible kid’s bank accounts. For a look at some of the top picks (and some traps to avoid) check out the full article.

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