Love Shopping? Go on a U.S. Shopping Spree!

The doors to the world’s largest shopping mall have just swung open - it’s savings time!

The U.S. online marketplace is epic. It is the world’s largest department store. It is the world’s best department store. Now Mozonians have their very own set of front door keys.

The question is: why should you give up Sunday morning trips to the nearby Westfield to stay at home, hunched over your computer well passed midnight?

Well, a quick tour of the web produced these eye-popping bargains:

Item Australia US Online Discount
Jeans – Levi’s 501 GeneralPants = $129.95 = $39.95 69%
Makeup – Chanel Lipstick StrawberryNet = 35.00 Amazon US = $17.20 51%
Books – Twilight Borders AU = $24.95 Borders US = $8.50 66%

All prices are AUD. Shipping costs not included

Why the massive savings?

  • Exchange rates: one Aussie dollar is almost equivalent to a Yankee buck
  • Choice: in America, if it is legally for sale, you’ll find it on the net.
  • Seasonal sweetness: as we head into winter, the US heads into Summer – expensive winter clothes are going for an absolute steal.
  • Tax free goodness: purchases up to $1000 completely tax free

What’s New?

Previously us poor folks “Down-Under” couldn’t shop on many U.S. online stores – or if we could, were hit by shipping fees so high they would make the Postie blush.

<a href=””>comGateway is a new service which solves this problem by giving you a free US shipping address, allowing you to snap up U.S. only bargains, and combine shipping on all your purchases.

Even better, comGateway is offering Mozo Members an instant US$5 shipping credit when you sign up for your <a href=””>free comGateway account.