Meet the Answers Expert

As you know, Mozo Answers recently launched and has been quickly embraced by the Mozo money masters (that’s you!). At the head of the pile is the first user to reach “Expert” level on Mozo Answers, JR Nitsch.
In racking up over 4,000 points (and winning a Flip video camera in the process), JR Nitsch showed a whole lot of knowledge and generosity, so we thought we’d get the low down on what makes him tick.
Background: JR is 39, lives in Brisbane and works as a Commercial Manager at an energy company.
My top money tip is:
Somebody once told me “every time you get a $5 note, save it”. This is a great tip to establish the habit of saving and to see the benefits of deferred gratification. If $5 is too hard for you to start with pick $2 or maybe suggest to your kids that they save every 20c they get. The key thing is starting a good habit.
I joined Mozo Answers because:
I can get professional advice but it is expensive and may be biased. The great thing with Mozo answers is it is full of people who have direct personal experience, who have learned over time, who have personal tips and advice. I can pick and choose from that advice and find shortcuts to answers before deciding whether to pay a professional.
If I won $50,000, I’d…
Use half for fun like our planned holiday to the UK in 2012 and the other half for saving. I think windfall gains should be used to provide windfall benefits; we all need a little fun.
If I were a bank CEO for a day, I’d…
Find out where all the cents go from the rounding up of sales from $19.98 to $20. Who is getting those cents exactly?
My guilty money confession is…
Like many people I might take weeks of carefully selecting and comparing before I spend say $500 on a TV, but I could spend $500k on a house after a ten minute viewing.
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