Meet the Answers Guru

It’s happened. We’ve found our first Answers Guru. Introducing timmature, the first Mozo member to rack up over 10,000 Mozo points! In reaching Guru status, Tim provided 141 invaluable answers to a huge range of questions, and asked a few of his own.

Given his love of answering the tough questions, we threw a few more his way:

About Me:

I am a uni student in Brisbane doing a double degree in Business and IT.

Top Money Tip:

Start thinking about something that you really want to have in the future. Make that a goal and start saving money to get to that goal. It can be very hard to forego some things now but in the end it will all be worth the struggle.

I joined Mozo Answers because:

It’s a great place to get a wide variety of financial advice from professionals all the way down to everyday people who are giving their own opinion.

If I won $50,000 I’d:

Probably bank it in a high interest account to start earning some interest. Then I would use some of it to buy some fishing gear, a small boat, and invest in some good shares.

My guilty money pleasure is:

I find it hard to resist buying electronics and games. I find the whole technology world so interesting and have to constantly think about other things to stop myself going out and buying lots of gadgets.

If you have a question for Guru Tim or any other of the Mozo money mavens, ask away on Mozo Answers.