Mozo's Number Crunchers

By Mozo ·

The word ‘calculator’ may give you flashbacks to high school maths classes, or the fun you’ve had doing your tax returns over the years. But it needn’t be such a scary word. Over the past months, the technical geniuses at Mozo have been flat-out building some truly exciting number-crunchers. We’ve done away with all the confusing stuff, the drab colours and the results which only make sense to NASA employees. So give them a go, we promise it’ll be the best fun you’ve ever had with a calculator (apart from an upside down 5318008). Rate change calculator: find out how interest rate changes (like the one last week) will affect your home loan. Home loan repayments calculator: plug in your loan specs to calculate your repayments (or try the Personal Loan version). Credit card debt payments calculatore: calculate when you’ll be debt-free and how much interest you’ll pay on your card. Savings calculator: find out how much your piggy bank will be worth (without using a hammer). Didn’t find the calculator for you? Find plenty more here!