Mozo's Top Ravers

While we’ve received thousands of brilliant reviews, some stand out from the crowd. People whose love of their institution borders on fetishism; reviewers with acid barbs and dodgy fees in their sights; as well as those with too much time on their hands!

So we present the best five reviews of the year:

1. Anne from NSW My Westpac Altitude MasterCard is very shiny, but it has a pretty crazy interest rate. The rewards program is good and I get nice things every now and again – but I’d much rather pay less interest than get a free toaster or vest for my dog (his name is Paco) every now and again. I had $1800 taken from my credit card once, and although I was refunded by my bank, they didn’t really go out of their way for me. It ended up taking about 3 months. If I had an extra $1800 for about 3 months, I would buy my other dog (his name is Kevin) lots of yummy snacks, and then train him to play the bassoon (using the yummy snacks as rewards whenever he mastered a new symphony).

2. Will from NSW

I like how reliable they are, you know that your money is safe with them. My bank is pretty sweet. If my bank fought godzilla, godzilla would probably win, but it’d be close as my bank’s pretty strong. Maybe they should eat some whey protein.

3.Joy from VIC

I am very impressed with the rates offered on both Savings and Term Deposit accounts. RaboPlus’s Digipass device for logging on to the banking site is second to none. It gives me absolute confidence that all the levels of security must make RaboPlus the Number One bank for online accounts. Whenever I need help, I am able to phone and speak immediately with a real person NOT an annoying computer. My final word is that the “Big 4” banks could learn a lot from RaboPlus. (I also deal with three of them, so I know!)

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