That's rate chasing, baby!

That’s rate chasing, baby!

Here at Mozo, we’re proud to introduce the Mozo Rate Chasers – our team of number-hungry experts, committed to chasing down the best rates to save you thousands.

Unpredictable conditions in the financial climate, lightning fast rate rises and fine print to make your head spin are all taken care of…

Watch the Rate Chasers in our very first TV ad!

Mozo does all the rate chasing so it has never been easier to find yourself a better deal -

  • A credit card weighed down with stratospheric fees and rates? Compare credit cards.
  • A home loan destroyed by cyclonic rates and conditions? Compare home loans.
  • Or a savings account which soaks up moisture faster than interest? Compare savings accounts.

Be sure to watch out for the Mozo Rate Chasers charging through the streets, doing their thing online and bursting onto your TV.

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