The best cards for the holidays

In this article, we scope out the latest offers to make this holiday period an awesome one…

So whether you are buying presents or planning your new year holiday, we most certainly have something for you…

Cashback king

Get 10% cashback when you spend up at department and grocery stores, as well as dining out for 3 months which means on the average Xmas spend of $1,200 you'll claim $120 back. Plus if you buy something and spot it cheaper elsewhere, you can claim back the difference. 'Tis the season!

- 10% cashback for 3 months
- Awesome standard interest rate of 10.99%
- Up to 12 months extended warranty on purchases
- Annual fee of $69

The shopper's delight

Pay 0% interest on purchases outside DJs for the 6 months - compared to the average credit card (17.54%), this could save you over $100 in interest over 6 months (with a christmas spend of $1,200).

- 0% for 6 months
- Up to 15,000 bonus points
- Earn triple bonus points at supermarkets and servos
- Annual fee of $99

The jetsetter

Lock in a rate before they load up their luggage. A great exchange rate, very low overseas ATM withdrawal fees and American Express traveller assistance. A great option for the globetrotter.

- Locked in foreign exchange rate before you go
- Access to American Express' Global Assist program
- Balance never expires
- $15 once off fee