The (Green) Band Wagon

If you’re in the market for a new car, we have some great news which could save you thousands…

If you decide to buy an environmentally friendly car (which usually means it’s cheaper to run), then you may be eligible to save heaps on your car loan!

A bunch of lenders are rewarding people who pick a green car (and that has nothing to do with lime, forest or army green). That means lower rates, big savings and a whole heap of warm, fuzzy feelings deep inside.

mecu’s goGreen Car Loan – mecu reward your bohemian vibes by reducing the loan’s interest rate depending on how ‘green’ your car is. The greener the better. To sweeten the pot, mecu will offset your car’s greenhouse gas emissions for the life of the loan by planting trees as part of their ‘Conservation Landbank’ project.

Savings & Loans – keep it simple: purchase a vehicle under two years old with a Greenhouse Rating of seven or more and you’ll be eligible for lower rates.

Bendigo Bank has joined in with their Generation Green personal loans, which offers a tasty 1.00% p.a. discount on normal rates for a bunch of environmentally friendly purchases, from your car to white goods, water tanks to solar panels.

Eligible cars are determined by the Green Vehicle Guide produced by the federal Government’s Department of Climate Change. So take a look, embrace your inner hippie, and start saving.

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