The home loan superheroes

Last week we introduced you to a super new service: Mozo’s Home Loan Negotiator. Since then a bunch of people have jumped on-board, and the Negotiators are hard at work.
What most people don’t know is that the banks often hide the best rates from the public. The banks don’t advertise these rates and most people have no idea how they can get these discounts on their home loan.
But all you need is someone working for you, someone in the know. That’s where we come in…
The Negotiators know how the big banks work and how to get you the best home loan deal. They will negotiate on your behalf, taking care of all the difficult conversations to get you a great rate and the best loan for you situation. And when it comes to home loans, a small drop in the interest rate can mean thousands of dollars in savings.
The service is simple: fill in your details and wait for a call. The Negotiators will then do their thing, and deliver your options. You then make the decision. No obligation and no risk.
So go on, test the skills of our super negotiators. There’s nothing to lose, and thousands of reasons to give it a go. Negotiate now!