The truth about survey sites: will they make you rich?

Online survey sites all promise rich rewards for your time. Whether it’s cash, gift vouchers or the promise of huge prizes, they all sing a similar tune trying to get your valuable opinions. Question is, are they worth the effort?

To find out, we joined a bunch of the top Australian sites and got stuck right in! Here’s what we found out…

Signing up is free but not exactly simple. Be prepared to be bombarded by a huge amount of up-front questions – from your age to how often you holiday. This process takes a while, but the more questions you answer, the more surveys they will send you (or so they say!). After that, sit back and wait for the surveys to fill your inbox.

Pure Profile:
One of our favs and one of the only sites to offer cash rewards. Surveys came in thick and fast. After finishing a survey you are awarded money, anywhere from $0.20 to $1 depending on the survey. When you reach $25 it is transferred directly to your bank account. #WIN

Valued Opinions:
Surveys came through frequently, though they were particularly fussy about our answers. Like a hard-making teacher, rewards were withheld if answers weren’t to their liking. They say you can expect to earn $2-$5 per survey, and up to $50 for specialist surveys. Once enough rewards are collected, they can be redeemed for $20 vouchers for a variety of different stores. Charitable donations also possible.

My Survey:
To kick things off, you are awarded 100 points as a joining bonus. Surveys came in quickly (a little too quickly!) and points were earned depending on survey length. After reaching 570 points you can redeem points for vouchers, which can be used at a number of stores (or you can donate your earnings to a charity).

Rewards Central:
The odd one out. To earn points, you can do a number of things: surveys, shopping on certain websites, visiting partner sites; even reading emails will get you points. After accruing enough points, you can redeem these for cash, bank your points (and earn interest on what you’ve already got) or even bid in auctions using your points.

Great Sites Australia:
Great Sites rewards your effort with entries into a major prize draw instead of points/cash. You can score competition entries for completing surveys, registering for new products or just looking at a website. The current prize is worth a tasty $30,000 – although we aren’t waiting by the phone for that call!

Mozo’s Tips:

1. These sites can be great for a little pocket money, but they won’t pay all your bills. Use your time wisely
2. Join a few to collect as many surveys as you can handle
3. Take the time to fill out your profile when you first sign up – the more details you provide, the more surveys you get
4. Look out for value – cash rewards seem a much better bet than entries in a prize draw

Answer to win…
“What’s the best reward you’ve ever received from a survey site?” Tell us on Answers and you could win a $50 gift voucher!