Vices: $1 Billion and Counting

Mozo’s search for Australia’s first VICE President is getting to the pointy end, and each day we learn more and more about Australia’s dirty little secrets.

In December we launched a very unique competition – with the help of our nifty Vice Calculator we put the call out to every single Australian in an effort to find the most vice-ridden, sin-laden, decadent Aussie willing to give it all up; someone willing to reform past spending crimes and become our VICE President. The winner taking home a tasty $5,000.

Over half way into the search we have some interesting findings to share with you, the faithful electorate.

Take a look at the Vice Totals thus far.

It appears we’ve ditched the usual excesses for, of all things, pretty clothes and nifty gadgets. CHIC-GEEKS are everywhere!

Gone are the days of booze and cigarettes emptying our pockets. No longer do we fry our savings accounts at the local take away.

Should we be proud that we’ve changed? Or should we lament loss of the classic Aussie stereotype?

It’s time to weigh-in on the debate. Launch your campaign now! $5,000 awaits our disgracefully naughty leader…