Aussie lovebirds set to spend $415 million this Valentine's day

Young couple smiling and enjoying valentine's day after shopping online and finding great deals and unique gift ideas

So you’re looking to spark some chemistry this February 14th? You’re willing to kick in a few bucks to the flower and chocolate business in the name of love? More Australians may be turning to online shopping for their plans: whether that's for last-minute flower delivery or a long-planned wish list.

The love-gurus over at the Australian Retailers Association (ARA) have surveyed 2,717 Australians about their gift-giving intentions. According to their survey results, the average Aussie Casanova plans to put $111 dollars towards gifts for their partner.

Adjusting those numbers for the national population, they’re predicting a shopping rush in the lead up to Valentine's' Day. This could result in a $415 million spending boom, which while impressive, would be slightly down compared to previous years.

The classic Valentine’s gifts like flowers, chocolates and jewellery are likely to make up 76% of all spending. That means it shouldn’t take too much head scratching to come up with an original idea for a gift. 5% of respondents opted for the extremely practical ‘gardening tools’ for the green-thumbed. Of those surveyed, 4% said they planned on giving the slightly uncreative gift of cold hard cash this Valentine’s day - not that anyone’s really complaining.

Looking for Valentine's dinner ideas?

The traditional dinner date might be a thing of the past. Only 8% of couples surveyed planned on purchasing food or experiences like dining. When you consider that only 1 in 5 people surveyed planned on celebrating Valentine’s day at all - that number really starts to look bleak.

The ARA chief executive, Paul Zahra, suggested that staff shortages, Covid isolations and heightened social caution could be causing the slump in candlelight reservations. Zahra also believes that online shopping platforms could help to replicate the dining experience at home

“We encourage people to support their favourite restaurants whichever way they can, even if it means ordering in a romantic dinner at home,” he said.

With online shopping quickly becoming the easier option for many people, even Valentine's classics like flowers, chocolates and jewellery are being bought and delivered online. So like the transition from handwritten notes to mass-produced cards, technology could continue to streamline the process of gift giving.

Now it's up to you to give it that personal touch.

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