When is Click Frenzy The Main Event? Your research starts now!

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Click Frenzy is a sales event that runs multiple times a year. The biggest event, titled Click Frenzy, The Main Event takes place in early November. This year, it starts at from 7pm on Tuesday 8 November and runs for a total of 53 and a half hours. 

 For more information about this event including details about what's on sale, check out our Click Frenzy Hub. 

If you’re looking to pick up some big savings, start your Christmas shopping early or want to skip the Black Friday rush later in the month, Click Frenzy is the perfect opportunity to score some major deals.

What is Click Frenzy and when did it start?

Click Frenzy is a sales event that started in 2012. Currently, there are multiple Click Frenzy sales events during the year, but it doesn’t get bigger than the one they call The Main Event. 

Offers are gathered from a range of retailers, all displayed in the one location for easy access. There are also a number of 99% off deals for members, which come in extremely limited quantities.

How to find the best deals?

Every single deal during The Main Event sale can be found on the Click Frenzy website. All of the participating retailers will be listed on the site, so you’ll have a chance to get yourself prepared in advance. 

The lightning deals for members arrive at random times throughout the 53.5 hours of sales, and you won’t be able to prepare yourself for them. 

Fear not! We’ve collected some of the best offers here to get you deal-hunting ahead of time.

What retailers have Click Frenzy deals?

Click Frenzy collects deals from all over Australia, so plenty of retailers take part. Whether it's Target or Big W, Adidas or Telstra, retailers of all sorts are bringing their best sales to The Main Event on Click Frenzy. 

Go to Click Frenzy’s site for a full list of retailers.

Our best picks - Click Frenzy retailers to check out

Here are some of the retailers who have participated in this sales event in the past.

When does Click Frenzy wrap up?

Click Frenzy’s The Main Event is a 53-hour sales event. Seeing as it kicks off Tuesday 8th November at 7pm, we’ll see deals wrap up as the clock ticks over to midnight on the morning of Friday 11th. 

Be aware, though, that the best deals will sell out long before the end of the event as customers snatch up the available products. The biggest offers, including Click Frenzy’s 99% off deals, have extremely limited stock and will sell out fast. 

If you missed out on the deal you wanted, or couldn’t quite find what you were after this Click Frenzy, don’t despair. Black Friday - otherwise known as the biggest sales event of the year - is just around the corner and we’re here to help you prepare!

Head to our Black Friday hub to begin your shopping preparation now, including a list of some of the best deals we’ve found.

A note on 'Best': Our use of the word 'best' for this article is by no means definitive. The deals published here are merely a selection of the top deals we have found in our research only. We recognise that the number of shopping deals and discounts across Black Friday are too numerous to review. We recommend that you also conduct your own research when shopping at any of these retailers.