Mozo peoples choice awards 2022

Mozo People’s Choice Awards for Coffee Machines 2022

In the 2022 People’s Choice Awards, over a thousand Australians were asked to rate their coffee machines on a range of factors, including performance, build quality, value for money and more. Their opinions determined the winners so that you could use the experiences of real-life Australians to help guide your purchasing decisions.

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Coffee machine award winners

For many of us, that first sip of coffee in the morning, or afternoon pick me up is a sacred ritual. Now with some of us spending time working from home, the ability to make a coffee at home that rivals the one your favourite coffee shop serves is more important than ever. 

“Just as we have individual preferences for what we think of as the perfect cup of coffee, the best coffee machines are about more than overall customer satisfaction,” said Peter Marshall, Mozo People’s Choice Awards adjudicator. “With over a thousand Australians voting on their home coffee making products and experience, we found that impressing customers in important areas like value for money, build quality and performance is also key and that’s why this year’s winners list includes such a broad range of brands.” 

Breville logo

Breville People’s Choice Awards 2022

Most Recommended Great Performance Outstanding Customer Satisfaction
Most%20 recommended Great%20 performance Outstanding%20 customer%20 satisfaction

An iconic global kitchen appliance brand, Breville’s coffee machines have been grabbing the attention of Australian consumers this year. Founded in Australia around 90 years ago, Breville states that its appliances deliver innovation based on consumer insights and research. Partnered with a variety of coffee experts like the Coffee Science Foundation and the Speciality Coffee Association, Breville has put some serious thought into the design of its coffee machine product range. Sit back and watch the magic happen with an automatic espresso machine or opt for a more hands-on experience with a manual model. Batch brew and filter fans are also taken care of, with a range of machines available. 

A favourite among Aussie coffee lovers, Breville takes home the coveted outstanding customer satisfaction award this year, as well as awards for great performance and most recommended.

Breville coffee machines
Source: Breville

Check out some of the retailers that stock Breville coffee machines: 

De'Longhi logo

De'Longhi People’s Choice Awards 2022

Most Recommended Build Quality Great Performance Outstanding Customer Satisfaction
Most%20 recommended Build%20 quality Great%20 performance Outstanding%20 customer%20 satisfaction

If you’re after an authentic Italian coffee experience in the comfort of your own home, then a Delonghi coffee machine could deliver. Founded in Italy, DeLonghi is an international household appliance provider that offers an impressive coffee machine range. The convenience of a Delonghi fully automatic espresso machine is hard to ignore, with the machine coming with a fully integrated self-cleaning function and dishwasher safe drip trays. Pod lovers will be pleased to hear there is also a range of capsule coffee machines available. Self-proclaimed baristas might be drawn to the Delonghi manual machines that allow you to experiment with the craft of making the perfect cup of joe. Or perhaps a Delonghi drip machine is more your style? 

With so many innovative options available, it's little wonder that Aussies voted Delonhgi into this year's awards. 

Taking home four awards this year, Delonghi customers voted their machines as having great performance and build, as well as voicing that it delivers outstanding customer satisfaction and is a provider they would recommend to a friend.

De'Longhi coffee machines
Source: De'Longhi

Shop the Delonghi product range at these retailers: 

Nespresso logo

Nespresso People’s Choice Awards 2022

Excellent Customer Service Build Quality Great to Use Outstanding Customer Satisfaction
Excellent%20 customer%20 service Build%20 quality Great%20to%20 use Outstanding%20 customer%20 satisfaction

Nespresso's coffee machines have been given the thumbs up from Australian consumers this year. With Nespresso’s line of coffee machines,  the time between that first coffee craving and when you take your first sip can be quick and easy. Perhaps what consumers love so much about Nespresso machines is the simplification of the creation process. According to Nespresso, its machines are integrated with technology that does the hard work for you, controlling water temperature, pressure, quantity and speed. Environmentally conscious shoppers will be pleased to know that Nespresso rewards customers for recycling used pods, refer to the Nespresso website for more details. Go big with premium models that come with lots of fancy added features, or opt for a low-cost option, there are lots to choose from!

Scoring four awards this year, not only has Nespresso come up on top for outstanding customer service, but Australia has rated it highly for its customer service, machine build quality, and great to use coffee machines

Nespresso coffee machines
Source: Nespresso

Find a Nespresso coffee machine through these retailers: 

Dolce Gusto logo

Dolce Gusto People’s Choice Awards 2022

Most Recommended Value for Money Build Quality Great to Use Great Performance
Most%20 recommended Value%20for%20 money Build%20 quality Great%20to%20 use Great%20 performance

Another great provider for capsule coffee lovers, Nescafe Dolce Gusto machines combine the expertise and history of Nescafe coffee with leading technology and engineering (their words not ours). Pod flavours include long blacks, hot chocolates, cappuccinos, and even a Starbucks range. A free pod recycling service is offered to customers all across Australia. Shoppers can choose from models which are designed with small kitchen spaces in mind or opt for newer models which include a high-pressure system to create a thicker coffee crema. Everything is automated with these machines, so no need to stress about fiddling around with pesky settings before you have had your caffeine hit. 

Getting the thumbs up from Australian consumers this year, Nescafe Dolce Gusto walks away with awards in four categories, including great performance, great to use, build quality, and importantly, value for money.

Dolce Gusto coffee machines
Source: Dolce Gusto

See below some of the retailers that stock Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee machines:

Sunbeam logo

Sunbeam People’s Choice Awards 2022

Value for Money Great to Use
Value%20for%20 money Great%20to%20 use

A leader in small kitchen appliances, Sunbeam has been providing Australians with cutting edge technology and intelligent design for over 100 years now. With both manual and automatic coffee machines available, shoppers can pick and choose the type of coffee experience they are after. Some newer models also offer dual thermoblock heating systems which according to Sunbeam, means you can prepare your coffee twice as fast! Choose between a machine with a milk frother or steam wand, or if you like black coffee maybe a filter coffee machine is the one for you. Not all kitchens can fit both a coffee machine and grinder, in which case Sunbeam has got you covered, with some models coming with a built-in coffee grinder.

Voted into this year's awards for offering great value or money and easy to use machines, Sunbeam is a people's favourite

Sunbeam coffee machines
Source: Sunbeam


How did we collect customer votes?

In March 2022, a total of 3,923 Australian respondents were polled to determine their sentiments and options concerning their existing providers. Respondents were asked to name companies they use and then rank them on a scale of one to ten across a variety of factors.

What other award categories do the 2022 People’s Choice Awards cover?

This year's Mozo People’s Choice Awards included a total of 22 provider categories: 

  • Banking
  • Car Insurance 
  • Home Insurance 
  • Health Insurance 
  • Superannuation 
  • Share Trading 
  • International Money Transfer 
  • Broadband Plans 
  • Mobile Plans 
  • Online Electronics Retailers 
  • Online Home Appliance Retailers 
  • Supermarkets 
  • Online Supermarkets 
  • Online Pet Supplies 
  • Fitness Providers 
  • Smartphones 
  • Energy 
  • Headphones 
  • Televisions 
  • Fridges 
  • Coffee Machines 
  • Vacuum Cleaners
How many coffee machine providers were considered for the 2022 awards?

This year 22 coffee machine providers received enough votes to be in contention for an award: 

  • Alessi 
  • Bodum 
  • Bosch 
  • Breville 
  • Bugatti 
  • De'Longhi 
  • Dolce Gusto 
  • Fisher & Paykel 
  • Gaggia 
  • ILVE 
  • Isomac 
  • Jura 
  • La Pavoni 
  • Lavazza 
  • Miele 
  • NEFF 
  • Nescafe 
  • Nespresso 
  • Slayer 
  • Smeg 
  • Sunbeam 
  • Wega
I work for one of the winning coffee machine brands. How can we promote our award win?

Congratulations on being voted one of Australia's favourite coffee machine brands! To review our range of promotional options available, get in touch with the Mozo account management team.