Mozo peoples choice awards 2022

Mozo People’s Choice Awards for Headphones 2022

This year, nearly two thousand Australians voiced their opinions and voted for their favourite headphone brands. This means it was Australian consumers who determined the winners of the 2022 People’s Choice Headphone Awards, not us. A great point of reference before your next headphone purchase, see the brands that Australia has deemed as having the best build quality, value for money, great performance and more. 

Build Quality

Excellent Customer Service

Great Performance

Great to Use

Most Recommended

Outstanding Customer Satisfaction

Value for Money

Headphones award winners

From jamming out to your pump-up playlist, listening to your favourite podcast, or getting in the zone while gaming, we use our headphones to carry out some of our most treasured downtime activities. This means that having a pair of headphones that live up to all your expectations, whatever they may be, is vital. 

“Nearly 2000 Australians stepped up and voiced their opinions on over 35 headphone brands for this year's awards,” said Peter Marshall, Mozo People’s Choice Awards adjudicator. “We recognise a lot of thought goes into the purchase of headphones, which is why this year's awards not only spotlight the brands with outstanding customer satisfaction, but also those rated highly by Aussies for factors like performance, build quality, ease of use, and value for money.”

Bose logo

Bose People’s Choice Awards 2022

Most Recommended Build Quality Great to Use Great Performance Outstanding Customer Satisfaction
Most%20 recommended Build%20 quality Great%20to%20 use Great%20 performance Outstanding%20 customer%20 satisfaction

Bose has been serving up cutting edge audio technology for more than 50 years now. An industry leader when it comes to innovation,  Bose headphones offer products optimised for different types of listeners, with models that are designed specifically for exercising, sleeping, or even your 9-5 job available. For example, the Sleepbuds II is fitted with sleep technology, which according to Bose, is clinically proven to help you sleep. Other perks that you will find across the product range include controllable noise-cancelling technology, connection to Amazon and Google voice assistants, and multiple microphones that Bose claim isolate your voice during phone calls. 

Taking home the coveted outstanding customer satisfaction award, along with four others, Bose has clearly exceeded expectations this year. 

Bose headphones
Source: Bose

If you're interested in this brand of headphones, visit one of these retailers: 

Sennheiser logo

Sennheiser People’s Choice Awards 2022

Build Quality Great Performance Outstanding Customer Satisfaction
Build%20 quality Great%20 performance Outstanding%20 customer%20 satisfaction

German brand Sennheiser has been an industry leader in headphone technology for more than 70 years. And with its diverse range of products, it's not hard to imagine why Aussies have voted them into this year's awards. Sennheiser boasts that with its headphones, customers can enjoy the highest quality sound, wherever and whenever they want. With state of the art noise-cancelling technology in some models, listeners can suppress ambient noises and enjoy audio in loud environments. Other drawcards include wireless connectivity, a range of comfortable designs, and long battery life. 

Sennheiser was another winner of the coveted outstanding customer satisfaction award, but beyond that, Australians have also awarded it with a top place in the build quality and performance category. 

Sennheiser headphones
Source: Sennheiser

You can purchase Sennheiser headphones through the below retailers: 

Sony logo

Sony People’s Choice Awards 2022

Most Recommended Outstanding Customer Satisfaction
Most%20 recommended Outstanding%20 customer%20 satisfaction

A jack of all trades, tech giant Sony has been impressing customers with its headphone range this year. With both low-cost options and premium models available, frugal and frivolous shoppers alike can enjoy the audio experiences offered by this brand. Shoppers can pick and choose between the various features, such as wireless connectivity, noise cancellation, smart listening, superior sound call quality and more. As an added bonus, if you buy through the Sony store and have found a cheaper price at a different retailer, they will price match on some products (T&C’s apply). 

Recognised with both the coveted outstanding customer satisfaction award and most recommended this year, Sony customers are evidently happy with their purchases.

Sony headphones
Source: Sony

See below some of the retailers where you can purchase Sony headphones:

Apple logo

Apple People’s Choice Awards 2022

Most Recommended Excellent Customer Service Great to Use
Most%20 recommended Excellent%20 customer%20 service Great%20to%20 use

A brand well known for its smartphones, Apple has gotten the thumbs up from consumers for its headphones this year. Offering up three styles of headphones, shoppers can choose from wireless AirPods, over the ear AirPods Max or the classic Earpods. Selected models include noise-cancelling technology for immersive sound experiences, which can be turned on and off at the user's discretion. Apple promotes that newer styles are optimised for comfort, with three size silicone tips to choose from when you purchase Airpods Pro or memory foam ear cushions for the Airpods Max. Customers that purchase through the Apple store can cash in on a free engraving, visit the website to learn more.

Scoring three awards in the 2022 People’s Choice Headphone Awards, Aussie audio lovers have identified Apple as having headphones that are great to use, and excellent customer service. On top of that, Apple also came out on top as one of the most recommended brands.

Apple headphones
Source: Apple

Apple headphones can be purchased through its website, or some of the retailers listed below: 

Anko logo

Anko People’s Choice Awards 2022

Value for Money
Value%20for%20 money

Famous for providing great low-cost options to Australian consumers, Kmart’s home brand Anko has been voted into this year's People’s Choice Headphone Awards. Shoppers can choose between over the ear models which include noise-cancelling features, and wireless or wired connections. Perhaps some of the most affordable headphones on the market, Anko is a great choice for shoppers who aren’t all that fussed about added features. 

Placing as one of Australians' favourite headphone brands in the value for money award category, consumers obviously appreciate the low-cost options available through Anko

Anko headphones
Source: Kmart

Shop the Anko headphone range at a Kmart: 

Jabra logo

Jabra People’s Choice Awards 2022

Value for Money
Value%20for%20 money

A great option for the budget-conscious shopper, Jabra offers headphones that come with all the bells and whistles, as well as a variety of low-cost options. Drawcards include connection to a range of voice assistants, noise isolating design, wireless connectivity, four-microphone technology and more (features will vary between models). Through the Jabra app, users can customers the sound through a customisable equaliser, to personalise listening experiences. Choose between over the ear and earbud designs, as well as a range of trendy colours. You can learn more about Jabra headphones on its website, but to purchase you will need to go through an external retailer. 

Exceeding customer expectations this year, Jabra takes home an award for its great value for money.

Jabra headphones
Source: Jabra

Check out some retailers that stock Jabra's headphone range below or buy directly through the Jabra website. 

Samsung logo

Samsung People’s Choice Awards 2022

Excellent Customer Service
Excellent%20 customer%20 service

Loved for its smartphones, tablets and more, Samsung is also a key player in the headphone market. Newer models are fitted with the sought after controllable noise cancellation features, as well as a smart assistant connection and a sleek design. Choose between over the ear style headphones or the classic earbuds, both of which are according to Samsung, engineered to lessen discomfort when you listen for long periods of time. A cool perk of the Galaxy Buds Pro models is that when used with a compatible phone, you can connect two sets and listen to your favourite music with a friend simultaneously.

Recognised with an award for its outstanding customer service, this brand is great for shoppers who appreciate a little extra support. 

Samsung headphones
Source: Samsung

Review some of the retailers that stock Samsung headphone models below:


How many headphone providers were considered for the Mozo People’s Choice Awards?

Over 35 headphone providers were in contention for the 2022 Peoples Choice headphone awards, including: 

  • AfterShokz
  • AKG
  • Anko
  • Apple
  • Audio-Technica
  • Audiofly
  • B & O 
  • Beats
  • Beyerdynamic
  • BlueAnt
  • Bonelk
  • Bose
  • Cygnett 
  • Google
  • Jabra
  • Jaybird
  • JBL
  • JLab
  • Klipsch
  • Kmart
  • Lenovo
  • Logitech
  • Marley
  • Moki
  • Nura
  • Panasonic
  • Philips
  • Pioneer
  • Samsung
  • Sennheiser
  • Skullcandy
  • Sol Republic
  • Sony
  • Technics
  • Urbanista
  • XCD
  • Yamaha
How did you determine the winners for each headphone award category

Nearly two thousand Australians voted for their favourite headphone providers. Providers who received at least 30 responses in each category were considered eligible. Mozo judges ranked these providers in order by average rating to determine a cut-off point and identify the winners. Find more information in our People’s Choice Awards methodology report.

How did we manage conflict of interest?

The Mozo People’s Choice Awards are based on ratings submitted by Australian consumers. This means Mozo does not overlay any judgement or expert opinion on the decision of the winners. Details of how we are paid are contained in our Financial Services and Credit Guide.

I work for one of the winning brands. How can we promote our award win?

There are a range of promotional options available, so please do get in touch with our account management team if you would like to review them