Mozo peoples choice awards 2022

Mozo People’s Choice Awards for Smartphones 2022

The Mozo People’s Choice Smartphone Awards were decided by the thousands of Australians who were asked to rate their providers on a range of different factors. See who came out on top as having the best build quality, great performance, value for money and more.  

Build Quality

Excellent Customer Service

Great Performance

Great to Use

Most Recommended

Outstanding Customer Satisfaction

Value for Money

Smartphone award winners

Smartphones play an essential role in our careers, social lives, leisure time and much more. So whether you are a happy snapper or maybe just addicted to your emails, a high-quality smartphone goes a long way. 

“Based on the experiences of the thousands of Australians who voted, the Mozo People's Choice Awards for Smartphones are a tool you can use to guide your purchase decision,” said Peter Marshall, Mozo People’s Choice Awards adjudicator. “We understand that some smartphone features are more valuable to some users than others, which is why we looked beyond overall customer satisfaction, to also include categories like build quality, value for money and excellent customer service, spotlighting the brands that have exceeded expectations in these areas.” 

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Apple People’s Choice Awards 2022

Most Recommended Build Quality Great to Use Great Performance Outstanding Customer Satisfaction
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At the forefront of smartphone innovation, Apple is unsurprisingly a crowd favourite among Australians. Apple iPhones are famous for having industry-leading cameras and an ever-evolving design, with new models announced annually. While its price point can be considered high, returning customers can trade in old iPhones for a discounted price. 

Living up to its reputation, Apple takes home five honours this year, including the coveted outstanding customer satisfaction award.

Apple mobile smartphone
Source: Apple

See below some of the retailers who stock Apple smartphones, or visit the Apple website to buy directly:

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Oppo People’s Choice Awards 2022

Value for Money
Value%20for%20 money

Money savvy shoppers voted in underdog brand Oppo to this year's awards winners list. While this brand name may not sound familiar to the majority of Australians, it has been around since 2004 and operates in over 50 countries and regions. Oppo caters for both the budget-conscious buyer and shoppers ready to splash their cash, with models ranging from low cost to premium. Customers looking for an upgrade can either trade in an old Oppo smartphone, or trade-in phones from other brands such as Samsung, Apple, and more.

In the 2022 People Choice Awards, Oppo scored an award in the value for money category.

Oppo mobile phones
Source: Oppo

To learn more or purchase an Oppo smartphone, visit the retailers below or the Oppo website: 

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Google Pixel People’s Choice Awards 2022

Excellent Customer Service
Excellent%20 customer%20 service

Making its debut in the smartphone arena in 2016, the tech giant Google’s G-Pixel brand has been impressing customers this year. A popular alternative for consumers looking for a smartphone that uses android software, G-Pixel phones offer a sleek design, competitive pricing and cutting edge technology. As an added bonus, G-Pixel provides free shipping and will price match if you choose to buy through their store but have found a better deal through a different retailer (T&C’s apply). 

The customer support services offered by G-Pixel have been recognised this year as one of the best, with the brand scoring the excellent customer service award

Google Pixel mobile smartphones
Source: Google Store

Review the retailers that stock Google Pixel smartphones below, or buy directly through the Google store:


How many mobile phone providers were considered for the Mozo People’s Choice Awards?

There were 18 smartphone providers that were in contention for the 2022 awards including:

  • Alcatel 
  • Apple 
  • Aspera 
  • Asus 
  • Cat 
  • Google Pixel 
  • Huawei LG 
  • Motorola Nokia 
  • OnePlus 
  • Opel 
  • Oppo 
  • Realme
  • Samsung 
  • TCL 
  • Vivo Xiaomi
How did you determine the winners for each Smartphone Award?

In each category, providers who received at least 30 responses were considered eligible. These providers were then ranked by the Mozo judges in order of average rating, and then an appropriate cut off point to identify the winners was determined. More information can be found in our People’s Choice Awards methodology report.

I want to buy a smartphone through a plan, what are my best options

The Mozo best mobile phone plan page is a great place to start your search, with the provided listed rated highly by customers and benchmarked by our data and research experts. 

I work for one of the winning smartphone providers. How can we promote our award win?

Drop a line or shoot an email to our account management team to find out more about our range of promotional options.