Mozo peoples choice awards 2022

Mozo People’s Choice Awards for Televisions 2022

In the 2022 People’s Choice Television Awards, over a thousand Australians shared their opinions and experiences on over 21 television brands. In this way, these awards are a true reflection of how Australian consumers think their television providers stack up when it comes to satisfying their wants and needs. So when the time comes to upgrade your television, or perhaps even purchase your first, you can use these votes to help your search for a television brand that delivers on the aspects of service you think are most important. 

Build Quality

Excellent Customer Service

Great Performance

Great to Use

Most Recommended

Outstanding Customer Satisfaction

Value for Money

Television award winners

From streaming your comfort movie to tuning into your favourite reality show or playing PlayStation, our Tvs provide us with a way to switch off and enjoy many forms of entertainment. Television technology has jumped leaps and bounds in recent years, so it can be hard to decide what features are most attractive to you and your unique situation. 

“This year over a thousand Australians ranked how their televisions performed in various aspects of service, such as performance, build quality, value for money and more,” said Peter Marshall, Mozo People’s Choice Awards adjudicator. “So whether you’re after a television decked out with all the best technology, or just want one that is easy to use but won’t break the bank, these awards are a way for you to find out what other Australians think about their providers and what brands they would recommend across different aspects of service.” 

Samsung logo

Samsung People’s Choice Awards 2022

Most Recommended Excellent Customer Service Build Quality Great to Use Great Performance Outstanding Customer Satisfaction
Most%20 recommended Excellent%20 customer%20 service Build%20 quality Great%20to%20 use Great%20 performance Outstanding%20 customer%20 satisfaction

A leader in the evolution of television technology and design, Samsung has been named by Australian consumers as one of their favourite TV brands. Offering up a range of smart television options, customers can choose to sync up with either the Amazon, Google, Alexa or Bixby voice assistants. The 2022 range takes high-definition entertainment to a whole new level, with AI used to boost the contrast level and SpaceFit sound technology auto-calibrating TV sound to an optimal setting unique to the viewer's room environment. Plus, the refined minimalist design includes black edges that all but disappear when the TV is in use. If you are looking to snag an awesome two in one deal, perhaps check out the Frame QLED Smart TV, which transforms into a piece of art when not in use. Size options range all the way from 80 inches and above down to 50inches, so you choose a TV that suits many different rooms, whether it be a kitchen, bedroom or lounge room. 

Going neck and neck with Sony, Samsung also scored a whopping six awards this year, blowing customers away with its great customer service and products.

Samsung televisions
Source: Samsung

To learn more or purchase a Samsung television, check out these retailers: 

Sony logo

Sony People’s Choice Awards 2022

Most Recommended Excellent Customer Service Build Quality Great to Use Great Performance Outstanding Customer Satisfaction
Most%20 recommended Excellent%20 customer%20 service Build%20 quality Great%20to%20 use Great%20 performance Outstanding%20 customer%20 satisfaction

This year, Sony takes the cake as one of Australia’s favourite Television brands, with its innovative product design and intelligent technology impressing consumers. Boasting a range of smart televisions that come fully integrated with Google TV, customers can stream their hearts away and access a variety of apps. For a fully immersive experience, there is an option to choose a model that includes new cognitive intelligence technology that, according to Sony, takes vision and sound to the next level by understanding the viewer's environment. Models that feature the XR OLED Contrast technology allow for colour and contrast to be boosted even in areas of dark shadow or glare. Shop a variety of television sizes, with the option to either go big for a cinematic experience or opt for something more practical. 

Sony has been voted as one of Australia's favourite Television brands, being recognised with six awards, including the highly sought after outstanding customer satisfaction awards. 

Sony televisions
Source: Sony

Sony televisions are available through the following retailers:

Hisense logo

Hisense People’s Choice Awards 2022

Value for Money
Value%20for%20 money

Shoppers who aren’t all that fussed with fancy technology, and are instead seeking value for money, might find Hisense televisions a good fit. While this brand offers some great low-cost models, it doesn’t skimp on the added features we have all come to love, such as Smart TV compatibility, ultra high definition visual display and backlighting zones to adjust and create contrast. Plus, don’t worry if you are a repeat offender when it comes to losing the remote,  some models can be fully controlled through the Hisense RemoteNow app. 

Showcasing that Hisense truly does deliver quality TVs for a good price, Australia voted them as providing some of the best value for money.

Hisense televisions
Source: Hisense

Find out more or purchase a Hisense television through these retailers: 

JVC logo

JVC People’s Choice Awards 2022

Value for Money
Value%20for%20 money

JVC is another great brand for wallet-conscious shoppers, with a range of budget-friendly options available. While JVC televisions aren’t as tech-forward as other brands, the most important features like smart TV, ultra high definition display, and built-in soundbars to improve sound quality can be found in a lot of the models. Gaming fanatics may also find this brand of television attractive, with the ability to connect to a mouse and keyboard available in selected units. This brand of television can’t be bought directly from JVC, instead, shoppers will need to go through a retailer like Big W, Kogan or the Good Guys. 

Taking home one award, JVC was rated by Australian consumers as representing great value for money.

JVC televisioins
Source: JVC

See below retailers where you can buy a JVC television:

TCL logo

TCL People’s Choice Awards 2022

Value for Money
Value%20for%20 money

Bargain hunters might appreciate that TCL delivers the functional aspects that are desirable in a television unit, but for a reasonable price, with a great range of low-cost TV options up for grabs.  Google and Android Smart TV options are available, allowing the user to host a variety of their favourite apps and reap the benefits of hands-free voice control. Newer models also come with Quantum Dot and Dolby Atmos technology, for a superior visual and audio experience. Sizes go from 43 inches all the way up to 75 inches, providing great options for both the lounge room where you might be seeking an in-home cinema feel and rooms a small size is better suited like a bedroom. 

A people's favourite, Australia has identified TCL as a brand that delivers great value for money when it comes to how televisions perform in relation to the price tag.

TCL televisions
Source: TCL

Find below some retailers that sell TCL televisions.


How many television providers were considered for the 2022 awards?

A total of 21 television brands were in contention for a top place in this year's awards, including: 

  • Bang & Olufsen 
  • Chiq 
  • Go 
  • Haier 
  • Hisense 
  • Hitachi 
  • JVC 
  • Kogan 
  • LG 
  • Linsar
  • Loewe 
  • Panasonic 
  • Philips 
  • Samsung 
  • Sharp 
  • Soniq 
  • Sony 
  • TCL
  • Teac 
  • Toshiba 
How did you determine the winners for each Television award?

Providers who obtained at least 30 replies in each category were considered eligible. The Mozo judges then ranked these providers in order of average rating, and a suitable cut-off threshold was set to decide the winners. Our methodology report for the People's Choice Awards has more information

I work for one of the winning television providers. How can we promote our award win?

First let us say, congratulations on your award! Please contact our account management team for more information on our promotional alternatives.