A wine a day keeps the wrinkles away

Kelly Emmerton

Friday 19 February 2016

If you’re getting in on National Drink Wine day today, then The University of Iowa has some good news for you. Research conducted by the University found moderate drinkers aged better than both non-drinkers and heavier drinkers.

A wine a day keeps the wrinkles away

The research, headed by Robert A. Philibet and Meeshanthini Dogan, examined the genetic makeup of 836 people; 656 “European Americans” and 180 “African Americans”. It aimed to use changes in human genomes to identify correlations between indicators of ageing - measured through the pattern of DNA methylation - and lifestyle factors like alcohol consumption and smoking.

Researchers found that “all levels of exposure to smoke were associated with significantly premature aging” and both low and excessive alcohol consumption also led to accelerated aging. On the other hand, moderate alcohol use - around one or two drinks a day - was found to correlate to the healthiest aging pattern.

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Philibert predicted the findings could be useful in structuring future medical programs to be efficient and financially streamlined. “Being able to objectively identify future smokers and heavy alcohol users when they are young, before major health issues arise, can help providers and public health practitioners prevent future problems, improve quality of life, and reduce later medical costs,” he said.

If you enjoy knocking back a healthy glass of wine or two each evening, Mozo has some tips on how to do it without breaking the bank.

  1. Set up a wine budget. Plan a budget so you know what you can afford to spend on wine each week. By having a figure set in your mind, you’ll avoid accidently over-indulging on your visit to the bottle shop.

  2. Buy award winning wine. Whether you prefer a bubbly champagne or a nice rosé, when Mozo calculated the cost of Xmas lunch, we found that Aldi stocks some award winning alternatives to the high end bottles that could save you a bundle.

  3. Buy by the case. What’s better than a bottle of good wine? A case! Like most items, buying in bulk will mean some pretty great savings in the long run.

  4. Price compare. Shop around, because there can be big discrepancies in price, depending on where you buy.

  5. Get online. Keep an eye out for online coupons to use at your favourite store, or check out online stores. Many of them will deliver straight to your door and offer some considerable savings, especially if you’re buying in bulk.

And once you’ve saved yourself a bundle on your favourite wine, don’t forget to find a high interest savings account to stash all that extra cash in!

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