Aldi claims grocery market share from Woolworths and Coles, tipped to hit $9 billion within five years

Research from Roy Morgan showed Aldi now sits comfortably in the top 3 supermarkets in Australia with a 19% grocery market share, behind Woolworths at nearly 40% and Coles at around 34%. In the last eight years the discount supermarket quadrupled their customer base from under a million to 4.2 million in February 2014.

As Aussies focus on ways to save by creating tighter spending budgets, discount supermarkets like Aldi are tipped to become more popular. According to Commonwealth Bank’s Jean-Paul Pelosi, financial services company UBS predicted Aldi's annual sales in Australia could potentially rise to $A9bn within five years. Use Mozo’s budget calculator to get a clearer idea of your financial situation and open a high interest savings account to see your green grow.

Pelosi said Aldi tends to leave the celebrity chefs and catchy jingles to the other guys and simply focuses on pricing. “The recipe is simple: smaller stores, simplified operating methods, its own truck fleet and fewer deliveries, which all help to keep costs down. The end result is cheaper products that don’t fluctuate in price too much over time.”

Roy Morgan Research account manager Warren Reid explained that despite the long-standing dominance of Coles and Woolworths, Aldi have shown that it’s not a two-horse race. “More importantly, Aldi’s popularity also suggests that there are opportunities for other international supermarket giants to successfully enter the Australian grocery market.”