Aussie power bills 'are among the highest in the world'

It is no wonder that Aussies are constantly bemoaning the amount of money they have to pay to their electricity company.

A recent study conducted by Galaxy on behalf of the Institute of Public Affairs showed that power bills are the biggest cause for concern among households down under, with many people being forced to dip into their savings accounts to cover the excessive costs.

Now, the Daily Telegraph reports that new research set to be published this week has shown the true extent to which Aussies are being ripped off.

Indeed, the statistics indicate that Australians pay 70 per cent more for their electricity than a household in the US and up to 130 per cent more than their Canadian counterparts.

They also suggest that Aussie power suppliers charge more than firms in the UK, France, Ireland and New Zealand.

The situation is only likely to get worse, as prices are set to go up again and if current trends persist, Aussies will be paying 160 per cent more than US people in two years' time.

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