Aussies 'are forking out huge sums for technology'

Experts continue to tell us that we are rapidly becoming a digital society, so those who have previously seen things like PCs, mobile phones and laptops as luxuries may have to change their tune.

Many of us will find it hard to imagine going through a single day without using technology in some way, shape or form.

The internet and emergence of sophisticated devices such as smartphones has made previously arduous tasks such as making bank payments increasingly simple.

However, modern-day gadgets do not come cheaply and those who want to buy the latest iPhone or state-of-the-art laptop will see a serious dent made in their savings accounts.

Unfortunately, it seems that the average Aussie is getting something of a raw deal when purchasing new technology.

A new report compiled by the Australian Government Information Management Office has shown that people on the street are paying far more for their equipment than the authorities.

"The Australian government is now paying more than 50 per cent less than the Australian market average for standard desktops and more than 25 per cent less for standard laptops," the document stated.

This is because the authorities have a number of deals in place with major hardware and software providers, but it will still be a bitter pill for cash-strapped Aussies to swallow.

What makes the situation much worse is the fact that people in the US are getting the same machinery for far less than their Australian counterparts.

One Queensland resident told the Australian that Microsoft charges just US$319.99 for its Windows 7 operating system in the North American country, but expects Aussies to pay US$469 for the same package.

Granted, the strong Aussie dollar has done little to ease the strain on people's finances, but such a big gap in price has understandably annoyed a lot of tech users down under.

Money is tight for a lot of households and the constant pressure to keep up with technological advancements is stretching our finances to the limit.

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