Aussies could be saving hundreds on their power bill

Most Aussies are unhappy with their electricity bill, yet they are unaware how easy it is to change providers and possibly save hundreds of dollars to add to their savings.

People all across Australia have been feeling the pinch with the rising cost of utility bills. However, according to the Australian energy comparison service Make It Cheaper, most Australians are unaware that there are cheaper provider options in their area available to them.

Recent research by Make It Cheaper found that up to 57% of Aussie households are unhappy with their current energy provider, 26% of the population surveyed even went as far as to contact their provider to complain about a bill. Astonishingly, top income earners, those who earn over $125,000 a year, were twice as likely to complain compared to those who earn less than $30,000.

Tim Wolfenden, Managing Director of Make It Cheaper says most Aussies are not aware that there is usually more than 10 providers to choose from in their area. "It is possible for a household to slash its bill by up to $300 a year through changing their providers or selecting a new service" he said.

Similarly, many Australians are unaware of the potential to increase the earnings on their savings accounts, like electricity providers, simply comparing your current savings account to all the options on the market and choosing an account with a higher interest rate could see them saving hundreds of dollars a year more.