Australian savers warned about cyber criminals

Australian savers have been warned about the dangers that hackers pose to their savings accounts. According to a new report by the Herald Sun, cybercriminals are no longer lone hackers holed up in their bedrooms. Many are part of international gangs that use illegal computer activity to swell their own bank balances.

In some cases, hackers take just a few dollars from victims' accounts so that they hardly notice that any cash is missing.

Speaking to the new provider, Phil Kernick, chief technology officer at CQR, a security consultancy in the country, said the majority of savings accounts scams use email to con people out of their hard-earned cash.

Some involve simple requests for bank details, but others are more sophisticated and result in a person's computer system becoming infected with malicious malware, which can give hackers control over certain parts of a computer's operating system.

An estimated $4.8 billion was lost to cybercrime last year – or an average of $212 per Australian.

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