Automated bank calls alienate customers

Banks risk confusing and alienating customers by using automated, recorded calls to contact them, it has been suggested.

Pat Sheil of the Sydney Morning Herald explained that he had received five calls from what he suspected was his bank, NAB, in just three days, but had been put off by the fact they were automated calls.

"Maybe it was from NAB," he wrote. "But it may have come from some evil madman in a basement in Ukraine for all I know, because the call was made by a machine."

Mr Sheil noted that the calls had left him with a dilemma about whether to hang up and risk missing out on some vital information regarding his accounts or hand over his details and risk being defrauded by a con-artist posing as his bank.

"If it was the NAB, maybe they should try again – with a human being on the other end of the line," he said after admitting to hanging up in the end.

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