Bizarre tale highlights importance of savings accounts

A bizarre incident that resulted in a Sydney woman burning $15,000 in an oven has highlighted the importance of savings accounts.

People often joke about stashing their spare cash in discreet places like a mattress or under the sink, but it turned out to be no laughing matter for one man who sold his car in order to support his family.

The unnamed individual hid all of the money inside the oven – safe in the knowledge that neither he nor his wife ever cooked.

Unfortunately, his partner broke the habit of a lifetime and decided to use the appliance to cook a meal for their children – burning the money in the process.

Like many Aussies, the couple had been struggling financially and the man had little option but to sell his car to raise funds for everyday essentials.

It goes without saying that had this man taken the sensible and safe option of opening a new savings account, this unfortunate incident would never have happened.

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