Boys' bank accounts could get $100,000 boost

Two boys thought they had hit the jackpot for their savings accounts when they discovered $100,000 while out fishing.

While at their local water hole at Tuntable Creek, the pair happened upon a bag of money, including notes of $50 and $20.

After deliberating over their find, which could have contributed nicely to some high interest savings, they decided to take the treasure to the police.

Although they may be able to claim the find if no-one else does, one boy said: "We just don’t want any trouble. We were sweet before the money and we’ll be sweet after it."

Police think it could potentially be the result of criminal activity, but having searched the area they could find no other evidence to attribute it to any wrongdoing and the authorities said they were keeping an open mind.

The mother of the teenagers said the family do not want anything to do with "dirty money". She said: "It would be nice to have some extra money, but not if it’s going to upset our lives."

Other suspect money-related deeds recently included two men who managed to convince they could double businesses’ money by applying chemicals to it.

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