Businesses trying to boost bank accounts fooled in money scam

A trio of businesses in Victoria were fooled into trying to boost their savings accounts through a very literal money-making scam.

The victims were promised that special chemical could double the amount of cash they if the currency was soaked in the solution and left for 24 hours, reports the Stonnington Leader.

According to the police, the two perpetrators of the crime would conduct a procedure out of sight in which they would put fake money into an opaque container and tell the victims to leave it for one day before opening it to find the cash from their savings accounts doubled.

One of the companies duped by the 23-year-old and his 25-year-old accomplice lost $120,000, while the other two put in $20,000 each in the hope that their money would double.

The victims are not being charged because police say they have not committed a crime by attempting to create fraudulent money until they have tried to spend it.

Meanwhile, cyber criminals are also trying to get their hands on people’s savings accounts with the new Clampi Trojan virus.

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