Consumers' savings accounts helped by new food coupons

People with savings accounts, among other consumers, may be pleased to hear that the Australian government plans to subsidise healthy eating.

A series of food coupons are to be distributed in less affluent communities in order for their inhabitants to purchase nutritional food, the Daily Telegraph revealed.

The news provider claimed the government has selected a task force to partner with the food industry in order to make consumables healthier, such as reducing levels of fat, sugar and salt.

In addition, fresh fruit and vegetables are to be made more accessible to poorer communities through the vouchers and other cash incentives.

The government hopes this will make people less inclined to opt for processed foods and takeaways.

Furthermore, food and drink that may present long-term health risks could be subject to increased tax, as could cigarettes.

In 2007, it was proposed by some health experts that obese passengers should have to pay more money to travel by air in order to compensate for their excess weight.

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