Divorce rate decreased in 2013 but “still too high”: ABS data

While divorces decreased over 2013 by 2,279 (4.6%) according to recent data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Minister for Social Services Kevin Andrews said the figure is “still too high.”

Andrews explained almost half of the divorces granted in 2013 (47.4%) involved children who can be affected by family breakdown and suggested healthy parental relationships provide children with the best chance of growing up happy and confident.

“We know that relationship counselling and education can play a pivotal role in helping to keep marriages strong and preventing divorce.

“Stable families are the cornerstone of a cohesive and functioning society and we need to ensure that our nation’s greatest asset, our children, have the greatest possible opportunities to reach their full potential,” said Andrews.

The ABS data showed the number of marriages decreased over 2013 by 4,282 (3.5%) and the average age of tying the knot increased by 0.1 years to 31.5 years for men and 29.5 years for women.

The research also indicated civil celebrants were the most popular choice for weddings and a recent survey conducted by Mozo showed that 44% of couples would opt for a wishing well over presents.

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