Easter weekend savings account splurge

It seems it's not just chocolate full, over indulged bellies that will be feeling cramps this Easter weekend. With Australians expected to spend over $3 billion on their Easter weekend break, many savings accounts will certainly be feeling a bit tender by Tuesday morning.

The current trend may be to pack as much aways as possible into the savings account but even this can't overcome Australia's sweet tooth, with chocolate sales expected to increase by as much as 50 percent over Easter, according to research by IBISWorld.

With the rise of global prices for cocoa and Australia's attraction for premium brand quality chocolate, we'll be spending a fair bit more than usual to fullfil our cravings.

The research by IBISWorld also found that most Aussies are likely to be firing up the barbie this weekend, rather than heading to the fine dining restaurant, putting supermarkets and butchers in line for this weekends cash splurge.

In true Aussie tradition, the bbq will likely be accompanied by a few cold beverages, according to IBISWorld spokeswoman Ms Dobie, imported wines, cider and craft beers will be a firm favourite. Overall food and beverage spending is expected to reach $1.55 billion, a 23.6 percent increase on last year.

Those looking for a sweeter savings deal after the weekend sugar rush should compare savings accounts to find the best interest rates on the market and get the best for their savings egg.

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