Father and son receive huge boost to savings accounts

A father and son have both seen their savings accounts given a substantial boost, after the pair each won more than $195,000 on the lottery.

The Brisbane-based men – who wished to remain unidentified – both scooped the winnings on the same day, the Courier-Mail reports.

According to the son, both he and his father used family birthdays to pick their lucky numbers and on hearing of his victory, it took him a while to realise that his dad also had a winning ticket.

"When I called Dad he had no idea he was a winner; it was amazing to be able to break the good news," the man told the news provider.

He said the money would be used to pay for his wedding next year and he is now able to afford a decent honeymoon.

It appears the man is not the only Aussie who wants to spend his money on an overseas trip, as a recent survey conducted by the Melbourne Institute found that more than half of Australians are saving up money in their bank accounts in order to pay for holidays, despite many having debts to attend to.

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