Frugal women are considered sexy, survey finds

Women who are thrifty with their money are considered sexy and intelligent, a new study has found.

A survey by ING Direct revealed that two-thirds of men would be attracted to a blind date's frugal side while women are twice as likely to be upset by a partner who spends too little on them, NewsCore reported.

Indeed, a third of women equated thrift with being "stingy" compared to 20 per cent of men.

The poll results may interest Aussies looking to compare savings accounts in search of the best options. Among other findings, the study found that the majority of men and women (68 per cent) agree that women are better at managing household finances.

It was also revealed that women generally find personal issues more upsetting than financial ones, while men have the opposite reaction.

Meanwhile, the Australian Family Association recently told the AAP that Australian couples who get and stay married should receive a special financial bonus.

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