Government urges homeowners to prepare for winter

Energy bills are one of the biggest drains on our finances and utility prices are expected to rise again very soon.

Many people are concerned that the government's green tax initiatives will result in excessive bills at a time when many Aussies are already struggling to make ends meet.

The huge cost of heating a property has forced a lot of people to dip into their savings accounts, but many do not have this luxury.

In order to drive down costs, the government has urged Australians to be fully prepared for the winter months.

It has issued a number of tips on its Living Greener website, which revolve around reducing energy consumption. The authorities are particularly keen to see people weatherproofing and insulating their homes to prevent warm air escaping – thus reducing the need to have the thermostat turned up at all times.

The government also reiterated the importance of keeping your heating system well maintained so it is running as efficiently as possible. In addition to this, households can make savings by switching to green compact fluorescent lamps.

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