Grandfather receives $1.92m boost to savings account

A 57-year-old from Mount Annan has received a $1.92 million injection into his savings account or term deposit after scooping the Keno jackpot.

The man, who asked not to be identified, told the Daily Telegraph that the win has been a "life changing experience".

"We've had a really tough last five years. Our daughter passed away and my business has been going bad," he revealed.

The winner said he will no longer have to work for a living and that he will be able to provide for his granddaughter.

His winning numbers were the same ten he has used for years, he remarked.

While he may well be considering putting some of the money into a savings account or term deposit, he stated that some will be donated to a cancer charity, while another portion will be used to take his family abroad on holiday.

Earlier this month, director of MyBudget Tammy May said in a piece for the Advertiser that a savings account is a sensible way to create a safety net to protect against rising bills and unexpected expenses.

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