Grow your own produce in order to save money

With many households currently feeling the pinch, Aussies are more desperate than ever to find new money saving tips.

Unfortunately, the cost of purchasing everyday goods has spiralled upwards in recent years and this has left a lot of people exposed.

Those who are fortunate enough to have savings accounts have been able to handle the rising living expenses, but others have had no choice but to change their lifestyle.

Groceries have become increasingly unaffordable and plenty of Aussies have started to grow their own produce instead of paying the inflated prices seen across the nation's supermarkets.

Gardening author and broadcaster Phil Dudman told National Features that leeks retail at around $3 each in the average supermarket, but people can grow 50 of the vegetables for the same amount if they made the most of their garden.

"So for your investment of $3, you've turned it into food worth about $150," he was quoted as saying.

"Forget about playing the stock market – invest in leeks because you can't get a better return than that," Mr Dudman added.

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