Households expected to struggle with winter bills

Many households across Australia could need extra support to cover their winter energy bills.

Although the Australian Bureau of Statistics recently revealed that people spent more money in June, a lot of Aussies are still struggling badly.

The government has issued tax cuts and increased welfare benefits in recent months in order to give cash-strapped citizens a helping hand.

However, some financial experts believe the packages are not sufficient to offset the rise in energy bills brought about by increased carbon tax. Indeed, a lot of people have had no choice but to dip into their savings accounts to cover their everyday expenses.

A new poll conducted by the Herald Sun has shown that 80 per cent of Australians feel the Federal Government was mostly to blame for soaring power costs.

St Vincent de Paul Society energy analyst Gavin Dufty told the news provider that the welfare payments need to be structured in a way that helps people pay their energy bills, rather than handing out the money in one lump sum.

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