How much will Valentine's Day set you back?

Tomorrow is Saturday February 14, otherwise known as Valentine's Day, a day when cupid's love arrow hits Australians across the country right in the hip pocket, as restaurants hike up the price of Valentine’s Day set menus, flowers cost an arm and a leg, and chocolates hidden in heart shaped boxes cost $50 bucks a pop.

While all those cliche items are sure to set you back, have you thought about how much the actual date will cost you?

The One Big Switch conducted a Cost of Love study and found Australia is the most expensive country in the world for Valentine’s Day romance, with Aussies forking out more for a typical Valentine’s date at $328 than the UK, Canada or US, $150 to have 12 of the world’s most overpriced roses delivered, and more for a 3-course dinner at $80 than even the French at $73.

A typical date according to the Index includes babysitting, a movie, a 3-course dinner, a taxi, a bottle of wine and roses delivered.

One Big Switch campaign director Joel Gibson said “we knew there was a Cost of Living Crisis in this country, but now we know there’s also a Cost of Loving Crisis.”

“It could be cheaper to take that special someone out in Paris, London or New York this weekend than it is Down Under.”

Budget Direct also conducted a Cost of Living study, researching the average cost of date night in Australia’s major cities.

Perth took the cake when it came to date night, found to be the most expensive Australian city for taking out your loved one in most of the categories, including having either a domestic or imported beer in a bar and buying a takeaway coffee.

However, the most shocking expense was when it came to a romantic three course meal for two at a mid-range restaurant, with Perth setting a couple back an average of $107.50, compared to the national average of $81.20.

When it came to the other major cities in Australia, if you want to take your date out to see the latest blockbuster, Sydney was the most expensive at $18.75, slightly higher than the national average of $17.75 and Melbourne the most expensive for a Taxi start tariff at $4.20, again slightly higher than the national average of $3.81.

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