How to avoid Christmas postal delays and save money

Iced, Christmas-themed cookies on a baking tray.
Photo by Ignacio R on Unsplash

Feeling stressed about news of postal delays ahead of Christmas? 

There’s no doubt that the postal service has been in high demand since the pandemic started in 2020. Now it would seem Australia Post is under even more pressure as we approach Christmas!

Well, we might have the answer. To avoid anxiously waiting for Christmas presents in the post and maybe save some money, too, here are our handy tips for end of year gifting:

Shop local

Before hopping online to shop, take a look around your own backyard for gifts. Shopping local means supporting the local economy and skipping postal delivery wait times. 

Local shops where you might find something to gift to friends or family include local bookshops, craft shops, sewing centres and so many more! If you can, take a trip to your local shopping precinct and see what’s available.

Support local makers

Or if you want something a little more bespoke, why not see if you can draw up a list of artists in your area. 

Want a special piece of pottery made for a loved one? See if there are any pottery makers in your area, or even a guild of pottery makers. Alternatively, there may be painters, jewellery makers and other artists looking for commissions. This route may seem more expensive, but in the long run, minus international postage and if this is the one special gift you give, it could wind up costing less.

Get creative - DIY Christmas

Another option is to get creative yourself. If the thought of making something doesn’t completely fill you with dread, why not think about DIY-ing your Christmas gifts this year!

There are so many options when it comes to making something a little bit special for your loved ones. Just think about what you can do and go from there. Are you handy with a paintbrush, knitting needles, clay? Pick your material and see what you can make from it. Also scout around the local charity shop for something to upcycle!

The possibilities are endless - think mug cosies, personalised calendars, candles and so on.

Bake up a storm

Last, but certainly not least, food can be a great present to give to loved ones. It can be cost effective and who doesn’t love being presented with beautifully packaged cookies?

Plus giving home baked food as a present really adds a personal touch. To make things even more interesting, you could even put together a cupcake or brownie mix for friends. Measure the exact ingredients needed into a jar and include a note with the baking instructions. Just make sure no one in the family has an allergy to any of the ingredients!

Keeping savings intact

We think it’s possible to be budget friendly at Christmas and still show family and friends how much they mean to us.

Without the financial cost, Christmas can be an enjoyable time. On that note, now that you have some tips on how to not spend big this holiday season, why not think about squirrelling your savings away instead. Head to Mozo’s compare savings accounts page, or check out the options below.

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