Investment climate 'highly mixed' at present

There are signs of both rising uncertainty and growing confidence in global share markets at present, it has been observed.

David Koch, host of Kochie's Business Builders on the Seven Network, and his wife Libby, commented that share market optimism has continued during September and October – what they dubbed the traditional "crash season" for markets.

However, writing for News Limited, they noted that such a surprising development is occurring amid various "safe-haven measures" like a booming gold price and falling US Treasury yields, which signal growing uncertainty.

"It appears investors are divided between those in fear of the future (who are buying gold and US treasury bonds) and those who reckon the good times are back and are investing in shares," they said. "It's a real tussle. We'll be glad when October is finished."

Australians looking for greater certainty from their investments may wish to compare savings accounts and switch provider. Last week, Russell Investments' September Investment Manager Outlook found that despite an improved local view, global concerns are still weighing heavily on Australian fund managers' outlook for international shares, with 36 per cent bearish on the asset class.

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