Name and shame petrol plans could help savings accounts

Drivers in Sydney were advised to name and shame petrol companies if prices were too high over the weekend, which could have impacted on their savings accounts.

If regular unleaded was seen to be above $1.30 per litre, people were asked to contact the NRMA or post their findings on its website

Research of the Singapore Mogas price – which is the benchmark for Aussie fuel prices – by the firm found that average prices on Friday (October 2nd), should have been $1.25 per litre, with gradual declines to be expected.

Commenting on the initiative, NRMA motoring and services president Wendy Machin said: "Thanks to NRMA’s RoadTube website motorists across NSW can help the NRMA keep oil companies honest every day of the week."

The money saved by drivers could potentially give a boost to their high interest savings.

People may be able to increase the amount of cash going into their bank savings accounts by growing their own vegetables, it was recently asserted.

Senior horticulturalist at Yates, John Archer told News Limited that consumers could save an extra few hundred dollars a year by producing their own food.

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