Ordinary consumers 'think differently to wealthy'

The average consumer thinks differently about money and life to rich people in as many as 15 ways, an author has said.

Speaking to the Business Insider, author of How Rich People Think Steve Siebold noted that one of these is a tendency of average people to live beyond their means whereas, by contrast, the rich seek wealth as a way of being able to live within theirs.

One of the other features Mr Siebold noted was that the average person sets limited ambitions, while the wealthy tend to aim higher.

A common theme of the characteristics of the wealthy is that they are strongly focused on achieving goals and taking a positive attitude towards achieving them.

Consumers who fall into the 'average' category might wish to at least be more ambitious regarding how they make their money work by seeking to compare savings accounts and other products to get the best deal available.

Recent research has revealed some Australians are looking to increasingly live within their means rather than beyond them.

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