Queensland consumers to avoid utilities price hikes

Consumers in Queensland will not be hit by an increase in their utility bills, it has been stated.

On the back of the serious flooding seen across large parts of the state, the authorities there have been working to be better-prepared for any future instances of freak 'La Nina' weather.

Additionally, work is also ongoing to pump clean water into dirty and salty supplies across the state, though, according to the Australian, Queensland treasurer Andrew Fraser has pledged not to pass any of these extra costs won't mean individual consumers will have to raid their savings accounts.

Furthermore, following on from speculation that planned improvements to water infrastructure would have to be paid for by the taxpayer, the water grid manager for South East Queensland has similarly confirmed that recent decisions to adjust dam levels in the region will not affect consumers, the newspaper has also reported.

Just this week, the Queensland state parliament held a minute's silence to commemorate the victim's of the state's 'summer of sorrow'.

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