Rising living costs 'are at crisis levels'

Karyn Walsh – coordinator of Micah Projects – believes that housing affordability and the rising cost of living in Australia are at "crisis levels".

Speaking to the Westender, she said that more families in Brisbane are struggling to make ends meet.

The country is set to mark Anti-Poverty Week between October 16th and 20th and Ms Walsh feels that urgent action is required to stop people drifting uncontrollably towards homelessness.

Earlier this week, the Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that homes across the nation are becoming crowded because people are being forced to move in with friends, family, or in some cases, complete strangers.

The high cost of electricity, gas, fuel, food and other everyday essentials is particularly bad for low-income households that do not have savings accounts to fall back on.

Ms Walsh told the news provider that some Aussies have suffered a downturn in their living standards because of their lack of financial muscle.

"They're sleeping on floors, living in cars, dealing with severe over-crowding, because they have no other choice," she was quoted as saying.

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