Scam sees $400k stolen from bank accounts

A scam undertaken in Perth has seen some $400,000 stolen from bank accounts.

Some 1,400 saving accounts have been fraudulently accessed in the area, which has involved the use of EFTPOS devices that are used to skim credit cards to obtain their details and pins.

According to the police, there has been an increase in cases since the beginning of October and this forms part of this kind of criminal activity throughout the whole of Western Australia.

People have been advised to check their accounts, including high interest savings, on a daily basis, as well as look out for unusual signs when using a machine in a retailer.

In addition, having more than one credit or debit card could be a good way of avoiding the scam.

A spokesperson for Electronic Frontiers Australia told Smart Company: "The argument for having multiple credit cards for different purposes is a good idea, you shouldn’t just have very high credit limits because it may be convenient."

One in ten Aussies has been hit by identity theft, including credit card crime, according to Veda Advantage.

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