Simple measures at home could save Aussies money

Implementing simple measures in the home could result in Australians having more money to out into savings accounts, one expert has said.

Mark Dreyfus, federal labour member for Isaacs and parliamentary secretary for climate change, told the Sydney Morning Herald that Sustainable House Day on Sunday (September 11th 2011) could be the perfect time to think about this.

He pointed out that many features designed to save energy will also cut bills too, resulting in significant savings over the course of a year.

For instance, switching appliances off at the wall could leave families with $100 extra to put into savings accounts, while swapping to a low-flow showerhead and spending less time under them has the potential to slash costs by up to $550 a year.

"I am a proud supporter of Sustainable House Day and hope it will provide an inspiration to individuals looking to cut their energy use and save money on household bills," Mr Dreyfus commented.

This comes after Castellan Financial Consulting spokesman Bruce Brammall told the Herald Sun that couples may have to pay more attention to their finances than single people.

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