Struggling households must compare energy prices

One of the biggest drains on our household income is excessive energy bills, so it is vital that we do all we can to find the cheapest rates possible.

A lot of Aussies have been forced to dip into their savings accounts in order to foot the cost of their electricity consumption, while others have had to save money by switching off their air conditioning.

The situation is only likely to worsen, as the government's carbon tax initiative is expected to force utility prices higher still, which will inevitably plunge even more people into arrears.

Editor of Annie Shaw feels it is vital for people to shop around for better energy deals.

She also noted that households can save money by changing the way they pay their power supplier. Having a direct debit set up is often cheaper and more convenient than receiving monthly or quarterly bills in the post.

"[You can opt for] online billing – don't write a cheque, don't receive your bills through the post – or use direct debits, which can save you a lot of money," she remarked.

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