Switch your bulbs to make significant savings

In these austere times, any tips – no matter how basic – on how to force down our everyday living costs should be welcomed with open arms.

Lots of Australian households have had to raid their savings accounts in order to cover the rising cost of living, but many of us could be effectively burning our hard-earned money.

According to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), people all around the world are wasting their cash by using inefficient light bulbs in their home.

You may not think that swapping your existing fittings for greener alternatives would make much of a difference – but you are wrong.

UNEP stated that electricity used for lighting purposes accounts for 20 per cent of our overall consumption. So the next time you open your power bill and gasp in horror, just remember that it is your inefficient bulbs that are costing you a fortune.

By switching to efficient lighting, energy customers around the world can make annual savings of US$110 billion ($109.5 billion).

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