Welfare agency calls for power industry changes

Representatives of welfare agency Anglicare want to see changes made to the way Australians pay their power bills.

New figures released by the energy industry regulator showed that 10,100 homes had their electricity cut off in the 12 months to July 2012 because they could not afford to pay for it, adelaidenow reports.

This was a sharp increase on the previous year, when just 7,300 people were left with no power.

It is a clear indication that more Aussies are struggling to make ends meet and those who do not have savings accounts to fall back on are being left horribly exposed.

Anglicare's wellbeing manager Christine Bell told the news provider that more needs to be done to help people who are struggling to pay their bills.

"One example we are looking at through international research is where people can make payments fortnightly and not be hit with a big quarterly bill," she remarked.

Although this would mean households are still paying the same amount for their energy, it would make it far easier for people to manage their finances.

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